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Updated: Mar 4

It makes me down-hearted when someone ask me to send them information of our “lighting packages”, I want to think they haven't had the chance to work with a professional lighting designer/trusted production partner. In the almost 2 decades I have been in the event industry, I have been committed to provide to the clients an awesome experience, and I have tried to educate my clients about packages: In terms of production services and lighting, we can’t force the one-fits-all concept. I give you an example, let’s say I have 3 lighting packages (small, intermediate, and lux) and the client has a budget for the small package. In a venue like @levelthreemiami that it's ceiling is about 13' high, the small package could work just well, but it will never will at @dupontbuilding that is about 30' high. Just the essential equipment to light up Level Three Aventura, will do nothing for The Dupont.

Now, what to do? if you are shopping around to find a lighting partner, don’t let them sell you packages, and please don’t ask for them, instead, ask the production company what I do for my clients: based on the venue and the client's preferences, I prepare 3 custom proposals (the struggle with the word "package" is real), so they can choose depending on their budget and their priorities. #letssaveevents

How do you sell your clients "packages"? Do you use the word "packages"? Can you help me find a name for this? If you don't agree with me, tell me about it, I want to hear you! #psidtransformation #psidpt #psidproductiontip #fromthedeskofP

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