A Question I Get Asked a Lot

Updated: Mar 4

One of the questions I get asked a lot, by both clients and colleagues, is what is our "secret" for perfect covering (stage, isle, or dance floor) my answer is and will be always the same: Covering stages, isles, or dance floors is not just a peel and stick job.

If you are like me, and are obsessed to execute the results your clients deserve, there are 3 keys to a perfect cover:

1) High-quality material 2) Professionals installers 3) Right tools to customize on site the sheets into the desired size.

The lack of one of these, will result in a dangerous, uneven, (and not pretty at all) for example, isle for your bride.

Me and my team have been installing and covering for more than 15 years, and there have been situations where customers questioned our labor rate, or ask for cheaper materials to cover so they can “save money” for their clients, and trust me when I tell you: cheaper material and hiring unqualified personnel (to lower labor cost), will save you money yes, but it will give you and your client a very unpleasant moment the best day of their lives.

A trusted event production partner, and production value are key factors in setting an event apart. #eventpros #eventsprofs #customcover #psidpt #ppt

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